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Goal Satisfaction in Topics

The New York Times

Readers are short on time, but crave deeper knowledgeable on topics of concern. How might we help them achieve that goal of reaching more relevant content faster?

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Quick Reads

The New York Times

Do Times customers choose to read news during idle moments, and if so, could we make it easier?

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Incentivizing User Registration

The New York Times

Reading the news can be a protracted experience. We tested whether article enhancements focused around time management would result in a more satisfying reading experience, and ultimately, an increase in registered users.

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Reuters Next

Thomson Reuters

An ambitious overhaul of a consumer news platform designed to deliver professional-grade news and analysis to an audience of affluent business professionals.

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Experience Design Diagrams

The New York Times

As part of our strategic framework, we visualized a set of experience principles to better communicate the emotions and perceptions of our users.

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Democracy Now!

Independent news organizations often lack the means to incorporate design into their product strategy. Not on my watch.

Design For All! Redesign

Time, Inc

Time, Inc. was looking to overhaul the brand to emphasize the increased speed and volume of content published daily.

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MarketWatch Mobile App

Dow Jones

Redesigning the premiere destination for business news, personal finance information, real-time commentary and investment tools and data.

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PRC Language & Assistive Technology Products

Prentke Romich Company

PRC wanted to improve the configuration of their tools used by specialists in assisting people who are unable to use verbal speech to communicate.

Giving Voice

Various Logos & Illustrations

Occasionally, I'll catch the illustration bug. Here's the result of some of those moments.

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